Since 2006

We are a team with experience in the whole range of interior and exterior design.

Whether it’s about small renovations or complex design, decoration and execution, we are pleased with our skilled workers teams.

Our company performs complete services of interior and exterior design, design, renovation and repair, finishing for apartments, houses, villas, commercial spaces, offices, electrical, thermal and sanitary installations, as well as maintenance services.

Our services include, besides the actual design works, technical support for the various issues that arise in the design works, design and architecture services, procurement and consultancy in the choice of materials, free transportation of the necessary materials, preparation of the work area, scrapping of the rubble and the resulting garbage, as well as the cleaning of the spaces after the execution of the works.

Due to the experience of our employees, the deadlines for execution are quick and clear at the beginning of the paper. Also, each work benefits from the warranty, depending on the nature of the works, from 6 months to 2 years. If you want a quick estimate of the cost of the works, please send us a quoted plan and a brief description of the works you want .

Interior decoration - finishing, renovations, interior plastering, painting, walls and gypsum plasterboard (rigips), tiles and floor tiles, parquet, sound and thermal insulation, door fittings, furniture design, design services, etc.
Exterior decorations - exterior plasters, decorative plasters, thermoinsulations, floor pavements, etc.